EKONSTAL - tanks producer

We are the producer of complete container petrol stations and fuel distribution points that can be use in following areas:

  • Self-service petrol stations
  • In-company stations
  • Highways and roads building
  • Truck transport
  • Agriculture
  • Railway


Design and production under supervision of notified bodies

Technical documentation of tanks, production processes and final acceptances of tanks manufactured by EKONSTAL are established, approved and received by the Office of Technical Inspection and other notified bodies.


Technical description of fuel tank

  • Made according to EN 12285-2 or DIN 6616
  • Material – certified carbon steel S235JRG2
  • Preparation of the outer surface of tank metal sheet – abrasive blast – class of purity Sa 2.5 according to PN-ISO 8501-1
  • Standard external epoxy coating in class C3 according to PN-EN ISO 12944-2
  • Additional inner tank surface protection by using specialized coatings resistant to the effects of medium stored in the tank.
  • Tanks are adapted for wet, dry, vacuum or hypertensive methods of control of space between shells.


Tank capacity::

From 10 m3  to 100 m3

Tank diameter:

Od 1600 mm do 2900 mm

Number of tank chambers:

1 to 4 chambers


Equipment options:

  • Electric box
    • Platform for the distributor
    • Roof above the platform
    • Container construction with walls made of sandwich plates or trapezoidal sheets
    • EX LED lighting
    • Label with the company's logo
    • Roof solar panels
    • Extending the container with a shop module.
    • Adaptation of the tank for aviation fuels.