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About us


The history of the plant in Piotrków Kujawski dates back to the mid-twentieth century, when the State Machinery Centre was established on 15 October 1953 in the then Agricultural Assistance Cooperative. The Centre with well-equipped machine facilities focused primarily on support for agricultural production cooperatives operating in the area in the aspect of mechanisation of agricultural production, modification of agricultural equipment, agrotechnical services and staff training. After the changes in the agricultural policy in the 70s, the State Machinery Centre in Piotrków Kujawski began to provide even more extended services, which led to serial production of above-ground and underground fuel and hazardous substance storage tanks.

As a result of the economic transformations that took place in Poland after 1989, after signing articles of association in December 1991, the State Machinery Centre in Piotrków Kujawski was changed into “EKONSTAL” Sp. z o.o.

EKONSTAL Sp. z o.o. continued production until November 2015. In 2015, as a result of privatization, a distinct organised part of the company was separated; it took over the permission to produce tanks and steel structures, and began the production as a new company named EKONSTAL Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.

A modernised plant equipped with modern facilities with its experienced and dedicated team create the new EKONSTAL Sp. z o.o. Sp.K., which is one of the fastest growing and most modern plants of this type in Central and Eastern Europe.

The core business of Ekonstal is the production of above-ground and underground, non-pressure and pressure tanks, container filling stations, pipelines and steel structures.

Tanks are made of black, stainless and aluminium steel in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards. They are used for storage of fuel, oil, LPG, AdBlue, biofuels, water, chemical products, petroleum pollutants and others.

The production includes tanks with capacities ranging from 1m3 to 300m3



As a manufacturer, we have:

– Permission of the Office of Technical Inspection for the production of steel tanks for various types of media,

– Approval by the Office of Technical Inspection of design documentation for series of above-ground and underground tanks,

– Approval of types of tanks by the Central Office of Measures as meeting the requirements defined in the meteorological regulations on measurement tanks.

Each tank manufactured by EKONSTAL includes documentation is in the form of a data sheet with the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity and a report of structure and pressure test carried out by the Inspector of the Office of Technical Inspection. Data sheet also contains warranty cards and certificates for the materials the container is made of.