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About us

EKONSTAL has been one of the leading European producers of steel tanks and equipment dedicated to storage of fuels and other liquids like water, fertilizers etc.

EKONSTAL delivered its products to many national and multinational companies, such as Orlen, Grupa Azoty, Shell, BP, Moya etc. The company has more than 60 years of history and in the last years, it has been fully restructured and re-equipped. As a result, all the machinery for steel processing is no older than 3 years. With the motivation of new owners and management, EKONSTAL has gained international presence resulting in 40% of the company’s production being exported to 12 different markets in 2018.

EKONSTAL means quality and flexibility. These two factors are of highest importance at the company. We go to great lengths as to serve top quality, investing in technology and process optimization, while adapting to client’s needs and treating every client individually.

EKONSTAL means a long experience of company’s board – our management and head engineers have been working in tanks and fuel industry for more than 20 years. We are a dynamic team with a core focus on constant improvement. Together, we are dedicated to serve our clients best.

EKONSTAL also means innovation. We innovate human health with our CE-certified Normobaric Room, which improve body oxygenation, resulting in better health and a sharpened mind. While innovating we put our equipment to testing making sure of its positive impact on human health. Normobaric Room has passed through a medical research performed by the Department of Physiology of Collegium Medicum in Poland.




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