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LPG and DME tanks

Underground and aboveground LPG and DME storage tanks

Destination – autogas refuelling stations, storage facilities and distribution plants of liquid gas, heating installations of residential buildings, public utility buildings and industrial structures and technological installations.

Quality and safety


The latest technologies for the production of tanks based on years of experience and qualifications of the staff engaged in the production process from the engineering department, through logistics, quality control and production, ensure the finest quality of tanks and the safety of storing harmful and hazardous substances for humans and environment.

Design and manufacture

under the control of notified bodies

The technical documentation of tanks, production processes and the final acceptance of tanks manufactured by EKONSTAL are agreed, accepted and approved by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) as well as other notified bodies.

Standard equipment of underground tank


  • A set of shutoff ball valves.
  • Liquid phase intake pipe with a DN 50 flanged ball valve.
  • A DN 50 pipe for the assembly of the measurement probe in the axis of the manhole cover – covered (without the probe body, top cap and the float).
  • Percentage liquid level indication meter.
  • Liquid phase return valve.
  • Gas phase return valve.
  • Safety valves.
  • Emergency emptying valve.
  • Fill valve and shutoff valve.
  • Tank chamber made from black steel or INOX.
  • Alternatively, excess flow valve FST3.

Technical characteristics


Made in accordance with the AD 2000 Standard and the PED/97/23/EC Directive.
Material – certified carbon steel.
Preparation of the external surface of tank sheets – abrasive blasting with the cleanliness degree of Sa 2.5 according to PN-ISO 8501-1.

Standard external coating:
– aboveground tanks – epoxy coating of class C3 according to PN-EN ISO 12944-2.
– underground tanks – Polyurethane topcoat ENDOPRENE ensuring resistance to electric breakdown up to 14kV

Pressure of 15.6 bar.
Working temperature: -20/+50oC.

Technical data

  • min. diameters (m) 1,25
  • max. diameters (m) 3,80
  • min. capacity (m3) 1
  • max. capacity (m3) 600

LPG pump modules


The offer of LPG storage tanks is completed with pump modules based on Corken pump.

Standard equipment of LPG module:

– LPG underground tank with the module body (module well)

– LPG pump Corken FD/DLD 150 with a 5.5 kW motor

– Tank-pump fittings:

– Ball interflange valve DN25 – 2 pcs

– Interflange filter DN 50 – 1 pc

– Return interflange valve DN 25 – 1 pc

– Pump manometer 63 mm with a sub-valve – 2 pcs

– Bypass valve 1” – 1 pc

– Hydrostatic valve – 3 pcs

– Ball valve ½” – 1 pc

– Pump absorber – 4 pcs

Installation and start-up of LPG module includes


– Installation of DN40/50 pipeline (with CE mark) on pump supply

– Installation of bypass valve line – liquid phase return

– Installation of pumping engine on LPG tank

– Connecting the suction pump line and liquid phase return

– Installation of LPG dispenser

– Participation in the first filling of LPG tank

– Technological start-up

– Training on basic operation

– Installation marking according to technical chart

– Developing the surveillance documentation for above DN 25 pipes

– Tightness test protocol

– Pipeline conformity declaration

– Equipment and fittings certificates

– Conformity declaration for LPG module in module B + D

Our offer also includes

– Cathodic protection

– Insulators

– Gas detection system elements

– LPG dispensers

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