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Normobaric chambers

Normobaric chambers



The normobaric chamber is a pressure chamber composed of several rooms so equipped that you can stay in two-hour sessions there. The chamber is equipped with a lock, creating an intermediate state between the pressure inside the chamber – 1500 hPa and outside – 1000 hPa. This allows you to go out and enter it freely any time of the day.

Better oxygen absorption


In the human body subjected to this method, oxygen is transmitted not only by hemoglobin, but it is also dissolved in the blood plasma and that brings effects. It perfectly stimulates the healing and repair of tissues, improves blood circulation, supporting the body in the fight against infections and it is also bactericidal in activity and it acts bacteriostatically. What is important, it also reduces tissue swelling and accelarates the elimination of carbon monoxide.

Inside the chamber there is constant pressure of about 1500 hPa, in combination with an increased content of carbon dioxide in the air. We call this normobaria with a normocapnia. Tha carbon dioxide content in the air in the normobaric room is from 0.7 to 1.3 % (in the atmosphere outside there is a hypocapnia, because only 0.03% of carbon dioxide).


The increased content of carbon dioxide in the blond allows for better oxygen absorption by cells of the human body as it facilitates the disconnection of oxygen from hemoglobin in the capillaries, where it is most needed.

Molecular hydrogen


In addition, in the normobaric chamber the atmosphere is enriched with molecular hydrogen, which is from 10 to 20 thousand times more than outside – it is about 1%. Hydrogen slows cell division, extending their life. In addition, it is an extremely effective antioxidant, that is, it combats free radicals directly contributing to the aging of all body cells.

  • Slows down the aging of the body
  • Significantly reduces swelling of damaged tissues
  • Increases the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts – cells responsible for bone health
  • It improves the supply of nutrients even to distant and hypoxic cells of the body
  • Increases the physical and mental capacity of the body and the ability to remember
  • It definitely improves the oxygenation of all body cells

Positive results


Scientific research show that the treatment with the increased barium pressure causes, among others, the following positive results:

  • Reduces inflammation by oxygenating all cells
  • Accelerates the development of new blood vessels
  • Stimulates regeneration of epithelia
  • It has a stimulating effect on skin cells – fibroblasts. In this way it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which provide skin elasticity

Quality and safety


The normobaric chamber meets the national requirements in terms of fire protection, construction and low voltage, it has the given mark. The latest production technologies of tanks based on many years of experience and competence of employees, involved in the production process, starting from the engineering department through logistics, quality control and production, are the guarantee of the highest quality of manufactured normobaric chambers.

Design and production


Design and supervision is carried out in accordance with the approved ISO 9001 system, supervised by Technical Inspection Authority Cert. Research and technology is in accordance with the European standards.

Technical Description

– One-jacket ground tank made of carbon steel S235JR

– Preparation of the external surface of the tank’s sheets by abrasive blasting – degree of purity Sa 2.5 according to PN-ISO 8501-1

– Externally painted with an epoxy coating

– Insulated with 100 mm thick mineral wool, covered with aluminium sheet

– Tank internally protected by a coating with the approval of PZH (National Institute of Public Health).

– Installation manholes

– Placed on 2 foundations

– Supporting structure for the ceiling, floor and walls

– Entrance door to the first chamber and lock

– Windows adapter to work at increased pressure


Chamber type Outer diameter of the chamber [mm] Outer diameter of the chamber with the isolation [mm] Lenght of the jacket [mm] Bottoms [mm] Ekonstal Window [mm] Total lenght [mm] Spacing of foundations [mm] Lenght of the lock [mm] Number of places Main chamber Additionally number of places VIP room
K1 V60 ⌀2900 ⌀3100 9000 450 4500 250 250 10400 2400 5875 725 1700 11 0
K1 V70 10500 11900 7375 1800 13 0
K1 V80 12000 13400 8875 1900 15 0
K1 V90 13500 14900 10375 2100 9 4
K1 V100 15000 16400 11875 2200 12 4
K1 V120 17000 18400 13875 2300 15 4
K1 V80 ⌀3100 x 2 12000 13400 8875 2300 30 4
K1 V90 13500 14900 10375 2300 36 4
K1 V100 15000 16400 11875 2300 36 4

Standard equipment of the normobaric chamber


• Control panels

• Lighting

• Air conditioning


• Audio equipment

• Armchairs with a reclining backrest

• Interior door

• Walls with graphic imprint

• White ceiling

• Vinyl floor




• Completely equipment toilet

• Installation of water in the chamber

• Service hatches in the floor

• Art. consulting

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