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Tanks for Industry

Tanks For Industry


In addition to the typical non-pressure and pressure tanks for the fuel industry, Ekonstal specializes in the production of process and industrial tanks. This type of production is based on Ekonstal’s own documentation or documentation provided by customers.

Engineers of the technical department are experienced and equipped with state-of-the-art tools, so that they are able to design or customize existing designs for even the most demanding customers.

Quality and safety


State-of-the-art tank manufacturing technologies and many years of experience and knowledge of our staff ensure that all tanks produced by Ekonstal are of the highest quality.

Design and production under supervision of notified bodies



Technical documentation of tanks, production processes and final acceptances of tanks manufactured by EKONSTAL are established, approved and received by the Office of Technical Inspection and other notified bodies.

Depending on the design requirements, Ekonstal manufactures single skin and double skin, underground and aboveground, horizontal and vertical tanks with thermal insulation, heating coils, loading and measurement systems.

Our range of products includes

Aviation fuel tanks

Petroleum tanks

Formation water tanks

Corrosion inhibitor tanks

Oil tanks

Heavy oil tanks

Urea tanks

Storage tanks

Hydrophore tank

Glycol tank

Acid tank

Polyol and isocyanate tanks

Chemical tanks

Washer fluid tanks

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