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Ekonstal also provides services in the range of:


Plasma cutting

Carbon steel

thickness: from 2mm to 50mm

max. sheet dimension: 3000mm x 16500mm


Aluminum sheet

thickness: from 2mm to 6mm


Bending with a press brake

max. length of the bent edge – 4000mm

thickness range from 1mm to 6mm


Rolling with a profile rolling machine

  • pipes
  • flat bars
  • steel bars
  • metallurgical profiles

SAutomated welding

  • high quality
  • size of the element must not exceed dimensions of 2800mmx900mmx200mm


Forming shaping

Extruded covers

diameter range from 490mm to 730 mm

material thickness range from 2mm to 7mm


Production of embossed flanges

diameters made: DN400, DN500,DN600.

material thickness range from 2mm to 7mm

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