EKONSTAL - Manufacturer of industrial equipment and steel tanks


Destination – the storage of flammable, caustic or toxic liquids.


Quality and safety

The latest technologies for the production of tanks based on years of experience and qualifications of the staff engaged in the production process from the engineering department, through logistics, quality control and production, ensure the finest quality of tanks and the safety of storing harmful and hazardous substances for humans and environment.

Design and manufacture under the control of notified bodies

The technical documentation of tanks, production processes and the final acceptance of tanks manufactured by EKONSTAL are agreed, accepted and approved by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) as well as other notified bodies. Our tanks hold certificates of approval issued by offices like the Chief Office for Measurements (GUM) to ensure that they comply with the applicable requirements of metrology standards.

Technical characteristics:
Made in accordance with EN 12285-1, DIN 6608 or WUDT/UC/2003 Material – certified carbon steel S235JR. Preparation of the external surface of tank sheets – grit blasting with the cleanliness degree of Sa 2.5 according to PN-ISO 8501-1. Polyurethane topcoat ENDOPRENE ensuring resistance to electric breakdown up to 14kV. Tanks can be provided with the additional internal surface security by using special paints resistant to substances stored in the tank. Depending on the option, tanks are adapted to wet, dry, vacuum and excessive interstitial space control method.

The range of tank diameters
from 1.0 m to 4.0 m

The range of tank capacity
from 1 m3 to 220 m3

The number and capacity of chambers depending on technical possibilities
from 1 to 8 chambers

Standard equipment of tank

DN600 manhole with a gasket – per chamber. DN50 or DN40 suction hose – up to 8 pcs per chamber. 1 pc of DN 50 ventilation valve – per chamber. 1 pc of DN40 drainage pipe – per chamber. DN100 or DN80 deluge pipe ended with a collar, with a flow hydraulic trap and a certified overfill protection valve – per chamber. DN50 manual measuring pipes with a lengthening pipe and Camlock– per chamber. Electronic measuring pipe with a lengthening pipe and Camlock– per chamber.

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